Fall Program and Summer Update

Summer Update

Happy Summer! We have had an amazing start to the summer season. As many of you know, the summer programs were very impacted and we could only accommodate a limited number of players. It was our goal and intention to expand the training in July, when it appeared courts and regulations would allow it. Unfortunately, courts and coaches are still very limited. We will not be able to expand training in July, however we have exciting news about Fall!

Big News for the Fall!

I am very excited to announce that Kelsee Montagna and Chicory Roth will be directing the Fall Season! This Fall will be an exciting time for me and the club! I will be starting my teaching career at Aptos High School while Kelsee and Chicory will lead a revamped fall season for the club. I could not be happier to have Kelsee and Chicory take the lead this fall and continue to provide a safe and rewarding, high level experience for our players and families. I will still be involved and in touch with the club, however I will make establishing my teaching career my primary focus. We are excited to welcome back our returning players, while also welcoming new players to the club.

While our summer programs were not able to accommodate everyone, and were especially difficult for players new to the club and beach, we are looking to expand our reach in the fall and create opportunities for more players and families to be involved in the club. It is our goal to provide more players and families the safe, enriching, challenging and rewarding experiences created by our excellent coaching staff.

We acknowledge the level of uncertainty around the coming school year and COVID. We will be ready to make adjustments to the program as needed to accommodate school and any other need that may come up. With the various models of school going around, our practice schedules may change to make use of other free time the students may have.

High school players, there seems to be a very likely chance that your season will be moved or cancelled. Until we know for sure, we recommend you fill out the form and create a group for the Fall, and be ready if your season is moved or cancelled.

I’ve still got a few weeks left to my summer, and I plan to make the most of them! I will be finishing up the summer season strong and I will be working with Chicory and Kelsee to set up the Fall season.

Our Fall season will look very similar to summer. Click here for all details.

As always, feel free to contact us with anything.




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