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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

West Valley Tryouts 10/27 & 10/28 |Santa Cruz Tryouts 11/3 & 11/4

Our year round club season is gearing up to start our third year this winter! We are excited to get back on the beach and begin the process again, with our ultimate goal of being ready for the fun and competitive summer season full of tournaments. It's important for all interested players to attend tryouts, if you have a conflict or any questions, contact Lucas Bol ( The post is organized in two sections: West Valley and Santa Cruz programs.

West Valley Programs

Tryouts 10/27 & 10/28

We are excited for another season at West Valley! Alex Jones will once again be head coaching our Elite Training Group. He will be assisted by Armen Zakarian and ,new to SC Beach, Victoria Arild. We are excited to add Victoria to the coaching staff, and the experiences and expertise she adds to the program! We've made a couple changes to the program from last year, here's this years details:

  • 5 month season.

  • Season runs January 14- May 17.

  • At least 5 coached tournaments (schedule not finalized).

  • Players choose their own partners.

  • Two formal, coached practices per week.

  • New practice style: small group breakout sessions and full group training.

  • Maximum full group size 12 players.

  • 4-6 player breakout practices.

We'll be utilizing a new practice style for this season that consists of small group, focused sessions (breakout practices) and full group trainings. Having a small group session, combined with a traditional full group training session is a great "best of both worlds" practice schedule for players and coaches. We'll be practicing weekdays only, leaving weekends open. Each player will either be on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Wednesday schedule, depending on the results of tryouts. Wednesdays will be the full group training session with both breakout groups playing and training together, focusing on what they covered in their breakout. Players will be encouraged to practice, train and play beyond our set practice schedule, and can come out on off days for practice. For example, Monday/Wednesday group can show up on Tuesday and utilize the courts and balls, and vice versa. Players can also go out any other day of the week and get extra reps and play games.

Tournaments will primarily be in southern california. We will continue the trend of choosing events based on quality and value. We will be communicating with the top socal clubs to ensure we are attending the same events. Along with socal tournaments, coaches will also be attending select local events. Players are encouraged to partner with a club teammate for all events attended by club coaches.

See the training groups page for more details!

Santa Cruz ProgramsTryouts 11/3 & 11/4

Main Beach, Santa Cruz will be host to another year of training groups! Chicory Roth will be the lead coach for Santa Cruz, and club director Lucas Bol will be assisting all Santa Cruz groups. In contrast to indoor club, our beach program will provide players with a greater number of opportunities to play and touch the ball, it's the beauty of playing doubles! Here are the program details:

  • 5 month season.

  • Season runs January 14- May 17.

  • At least 5 coached tournaments (schedule not finalized).

  • Three practices per week.

  • Depending on group, coaches may choose partners for tournaments.

For more information, check out the training groups page!


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