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Spring Training

Summer Tryouts

March & April

Camps, Clinics and Training Sessions.

Summer Season Info Sheet- Click Here!

This info sheet has a lot of the information for the season. Please read the info sheet and the website below to get a full understanding of the program.

Click Here for Registration: Santa Cruz, West Valley

We will begin filling summer programs through Spring Training. Coaches will begin creating groups and filling spots in their summer groups through these training opportunities. It is important that players interested in our Summer Training Groups and The Beach Club attend these trainings.

Spring Training Information: We are offering spring training sessions and camps for all players looking to work on their beach game. We will hold a series of comprehensive training sessions and a camp covering fundamental skills and game play. Drills and game play will be tailored to the needs of the participants. Returning players are encouraged and expected to attend spring training ahead of summer season. We will use the modified training group format to organize the sessions- groups of 4-8 players on multiple courts under the instruction of a lead coach.​

Coaching Staff: Lucas Bol (lead coach), Kacey Losik (head coach), and more to be announced!


Tryout Information: The Spring Training described above will be used for our Summer Tryouts. The tryout day is the final evaluation and result of the previous two weeks of practice. It is expected that interested athletes attend as many training sessions as possible before the final tryout day. The goal of the extended tryout process is for players and coaches to work with each other as much as possible to help create the best groups.

Schedule and Registration: 

Spring Training Tryouts
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