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2024 Winter High School Beach Volleyball Pre-Season Bootcamp

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This will be a 3 and a half week Bootcamp focused on players preparing for the high school beach volleyball season (or the indoor season for boys, we will have boys courts set at men's net height) starting January 29. Led by AVP Pro Qualifier player Coach Colton Jeffrey

Expect creative movement based drills and games for fitness and balance needed during the beach volleyball season

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Program Details and Highlights:
  • Sign up for the entire program at a discount, or just for specific dates.

  • Flexible program that allows you to sign up by date. We understand that some players may show up late to practice due to school end times. Practice prices have been decreased accordingly.

  • Train in a fun and dynamic environment with the awesome Coach Colton.

  • Every practice is lead by Coach Colton who will design, instruct and implement a customized practice plan based on the needs of the players.

  • Season: January 3 - 25, 3 and 1/2 weeks

    Practice up to 4x per week: M-Th.

  • Times: 330-5pm (practice times are approximate due to school end times, players may show up late, practices may extend past 5pm until dark)

  • Location: Main Beach, Santa Cruz

  • Cost: Practices are priced to ensure maximum value for players that may have to show up late

    • 1-4 practices: $30/practice

    • 5-8 practices: $25/practice

    • 9-14 practices: $20/practice

If you have any questions contact:
Ivan Blumberg -

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