Quick Guide to Competition
  • Tournaments are the main form of competition. Generally:

    • Players register for them on their own.

    • Choose their own partners.

    • Players create their own schedule, incorporating the "club" events- events we will have coaches at.

  • Playing tournaments is highly recommended for player growth and development. Competing and playing are very important, and very fun!

  • Players interested in being recruited to play in college should play summer tournaments in southern California. This is where many of the best players in the nation converge to play for the months of June and July, especially July.

  • There are many tournament organizations and events. Each organization has their own bid and points system, and typically a large season ending championship taking place in southern California in July. 

    • Click Here for a list of descriptions provided by Matt Olson and Wave Volleyball Club in San Diego.

  • A general strategy for creating a tournament schedule or plan is to determine what season ending championship events you want to try to qualify for, then schedule qualifiers and bid tournaments that will earn you spots in those events.

  • The AAU National Championships (no bid needed, open event) is typically a large and very competitive event which is a big qualifier for AAU JO's which is one of the best events of the year. Almost all AAU events are qualifiers, but make sure to check before registering.

  • USA Volleyball moved their championship event to California this year (previously on the east coast), so it is expected to be very competitive and a great event.

  • BVCA is a club event in which the club provides bids to players. This is typically a very competitive and great event.

  • Use the bold link above and the page provided by Wave Volleyball Club to learn more about each organization.

  • A good local source of information on tournaments, lists all tournaments in Norcal, and has their own ranking system. This site also lists college camps and showcases, as well as some of the socal events.