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Program Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our players the opportunity for personal growth and development as an individual and athlete through providing excellent instruction and support in learning to play and compete in beach volleyball.


Our philosophy guides our process. We believe in teaching athletes strong fundamental skills, technique and strategy in order to provide a platform for discovery and learning. We support thoughtful experimentation with these skills and strategies, while using positive encouragement to promote player growth and development. We seek to inspire passion and enthusiasm for the game and beach culture, providing coaches who embody our philosophy and beliefs through their leadership and guidance.

Our players will gain the knowledge and confidence to manage a game or tournament as a team and individual. Players learn to work together to understand the game. By doing so, we emphasize communication and teamwork, providing our players with all the tools and knowledge they need to be self-managed athletes. This includes help and support finding partners, choosing tournaments, picking up games and court maintenance.

Our process employs current teaching techniques being used at the national level to promote efficient learning and growth. We encourage players to ask and answer questions, and understand the importance of fun and enjoying the game, using those feelings to help promote learning and competition. Our process also relies upon the strength of the community, and we strive to create a close-knit group of beach volleyball players and families that can provide support and a foundation for our club.

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