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Training Groups

Focused, high level small group training.

Train with the best!

Sunday February 25 1-3pm at Main Beach: Closed
Sunday March 10 1-3pm at Main Beach: Closed
  • Players interested in the program should register for and attend tryouts.

  • Tryouts will be a training session lead by one of our lead coaches. These will be a supportive and enriching environment aimed to benefit players.

  • The purpose of tryouts:

    • players and coaches have an opportunity to meet each other.

    • players can experience how we run practices and how the club operates.

    • the club can begin to understand how to best support and group players based on our initial assessment of their strengths and areas for growth.

    • Evaluate players for our competitive travel teams which compete at BVCA Nationals.

  • Tryout Cost: $20 per tryout day.


Season Highlights


  • Training Groups resemble a team environment.

  • Small group of 4-12 players.
    4-6 players/court. 2 court max.

  • Specific coach designs a unique season long training plan for their group.

  • Each group works with a specific coach for the entire season. Consistent voice and  style and progression of training.

  • High level of commitment. Players are expected to attend all scheduled practices and tournaments.

  • Customizable practice schedule, typical practice schedule is 3x per week. Morning and/or afternoon practices.

  • Coaches choose their training group based on the tryout process.

  • Coaching at specific tournaments. Club and coaches can travel with players.

  • SC Beach summer clothing package included.

Season Highlights and Program Details


Lead Coaches: Jake Landel, Lucas Bol, Ivan Blumberg, Colton Jeffrey, TBA

Assistant Coach(es): SC Beach Staff

Ages and/or Group: Middle and High School

Practice Location: Main Beach

Practice Schedule: Three practices per week. 


Summer June and July:

  • Practice 3x per week

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

  • Times (TBD)

  • 24 Practices (week of July 1-7 off)

  • June: 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, 24, 25, 27

  • July: 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30

  • August: 1

  • Main Beach, Santa Cruz


Tournament Schedule: The list of events below are tournaments which coaches will be at to coach. Players are not limited to these events, they are encouraged to play as many tournaments as they want!​​

  • All Wednesday summer CBVA events at Main Beach, June and July.

Cost: $1200


Email Ivan Blumberg,, with any questions.

General Tournament Information:


As a club, we do not pair up teams, or register them for tournaments. We encourage all our players to compete in the Wednesday CBVA events at Main Beach. The registration process for the events is unique. The tournament registration opens a month and a day in advance. These events fill up quick, so best to plan ahead and sign up as they are available.

June Tournament Registration:


Given the registration for June events opens before we start practicing, and you need a partner to register, we recommend you either arrange partners from players you already know in the group, or we can help match players needing a partner.

Socal Travel:


Training groups are designed and encouraged to travel to Hermosa Beach in July, and play other events in SoCal throughout the season.


There are a huge number of events in SoCal, and you can almost play a tournament every day in July. July is the big month, where teams from all over the nation converge on the South Bay (Hermosa/Manhattan Beach) for AAU Nationals and BVCA.


The Training Groups program is designed for a higher commitment level. With small group size, and a cohesive season long group, absences have a much larger impact compared with our other programs. We ask players to honor their commitment to their group, players and coaches, and minimize absences.


In providing a summer program, we understand that players will inevitably miss practices. We strongly encourage and would like each player to make every practice, but understand that is not always possible.



We ask that training group players represent the club at tournaments by wearing club clothing. Summer clothing package included with the program. Additional clothing can be purchased.

More About The Training Groups: History and Philosophy


We established the first Training Groups program in the Bay Area summer of 2013. Since then, we've continued to innovate and excel at providing the best training to our athletes using this model. Our Training Groups program has produced more NCAA DI beach volleyball athletes than any other program in northern California.


Training Groups are the equivalent to a beach "team". In creating training groups, we are assembling groups of similarly skilled and like minded players to train together. Often times, Training Groups represent a higher level of play and experience, but can also be offered at beginning skill levels.


Training Groups provide a platform and environment for advanced skill and game play development. Players and coaches are able to work closely with one another to develop, plan, and achieve goals. All aspects of beach volleyball are addressed by the coaches, and we go beyond teaching just the skills. Given beach volleyball is a player driven sport- during gameplay coaches often have little input, players must find and retain partners, players self manage their schedules and tournaments- we prepare our athletes to be self sufficient and confident in their abilities as a player, manager and communicator.


A huge aspect of the success of our training group program is our coaching staff. The training group program has the best beach volleyball coaches available in the area, and players get the opportunity to work closely with them in a focused and fun environment.

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