Our Players

We take pride in the athletes we train. From 1st-time beginners to 3-time NCAA champions, we provide the tools to help them succeed and grow.

They Are:

  • AAU Open champions

  • USA HP Championship medalists

  • CBVA Tourstop champions

  • CBVA AAA-rated

  • Community college athletes

  • Competitive

  • Great teammates

  • NCAA national champions

  • USA HP A1 athletes

  • AAU National Championship medalists

  • USAV Grandslam champions

  • Knowledgable and respected

  • Fun and hardworking

  • NCAA Division I athletes

College Athletes:


Allie Wheeler- USC


Jenna Belton- USC

Kirsten Mead- Santa Clara

Clare Powers- Saint Mary's/Penn State

Lizzy Tardieu- USD (indoor)

Maddie Dilfer- Pepperdine


Jess Hess- UOP


Lily Justine- UCLA

Julia Chizanskos- Hawaii

Madison Dueck- Cal


Brigitte Canty- USC

Kate Formico- Stanford

Amelia Smith- Stanford

Candice Denny- Arizona (indoor)

Jacqueline Disanto- Michigan (indoor)


Maggie Walters- UCLA

Mollie Ebertin- USC

Delaney Peranich- Cal Poly

Eleonore Johansen- Cal Poly

Veronica Wood- Concordia


Kendall Peters- Tulane

Jillian Rodriguez- Long Beach State

Ally Polverari- TCU

Tristin Sahlie- CSUN

Liz Held- Santa Clara

Daphne Tuncer- Cal Poly Club 


Caitlin Cummings- USC

Malina Baker- ASU

Cameron Dueck- Pepperdine

Lauren Harrison- USC

Emmy Sharp- Stanford

Sam Strah- Cal Poly


Peyton Dueck- Cal Poly


Marilu Pally- Cal


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