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Summer Program Overview

For more information about each program and to register, see each page.
Summer Flex
Training Groups
Summer Flex

No Tryouts, no cuts! Prior volleyball experience required.

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Email if interested in joining a Training Group

No tryouts, no cuts!

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  • Offered June 5 - August 4. 8 weeks of instruction and competition. Week of July 4th off.

  • Flexible program that allows you to sign up by the week, or for the entire summer.

  • Community environment.

  • Modified training group format.
    8-10 players per court, up to 4 courts.


  • Lead coach instructs and designs training for the entire group, court coaches run drills and provide feedback.

  • Coaching staff can vary, players are not committed to practicing with a certain coach. A variety of voices and styles.

  • Practice 4x per week. M-T-Th-F (no Wed). 

  • Wednesday CBVA  tournament coaching included each week.

  • Space is limited.

  • SC Beach shirt included, and option to purchase compete clothing package.

  • Travel or local options.

  • Training Groups resemble a team environment.

  • Small group of 4-12 players.
    4-6 players/court. 2 court max.


  • Specific coach designs a unique season long training plan for their group.


  • Each group works with a specific coach for the entire season. Consistent voice, style and progression of training .

  • High level of commitment. Players are expected to attend all scheduled practices and tournaments.

  • Customizable practice schedule, typical practice schedule is 3x per week. Morning and/or afternoon practices.

  • Coaches choose their training group based on the tryout process in April.

  • Coaching at specific tournaments. Club and coaches can travel with players.

  • SC Beach summer clothing package included.

  • Program is intended for players new to the sport and younger players.

  • This program is fun and informative! No tryout, no cuts!

  • Camps run M-T-Th-F (no Wed.) Check out the camp page for specific times and sessions offered each week.

  • Summer Flex Beginner is dedicated to introducing and improving the fundamental skills of beach volleyball. 

  • Players will receive individual attention working with our experienced and dedicated beach volleyball coaches in groups of 8-10 players.

  • Lead coach designs and implements a comprehensive week of training. Court coaches run drills and provide feedback.

  • Each week of camp is unique and expect different players, coaches and experiences each week.

  • Commit to only the weeks you sign up for.

  • Practices are designed to be fun while improving the fundamental skills needed to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

  • SC Beach shirt included, and option to purchase compete clothing package.


  • 2-3 weeks: SC $200/week

  • 4-5 weeks: SC $160/week

  • 6-8 weeks: SC $120/week


  • Costs vary based on program type. 

  • Cost is for entire season.

  • Travel groups: 1500

  • Local groups: 1200


  • 2-3 weeks: SC $200/week

  • 4-5 weeks: SC $160/week

  • 6-8 weeks: SC $120/week

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