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Quick Guide to Getting Started

  • The AVCA is a great resource.

  • AVCA program list is a great place start.

  • Research schools & programs that interest you.

  • Be conscious on your social media accounts.

  • Freshman and Sophomore year summers are very important. Try to spend time in SoCal during those times.

  • Film is great to have. Try to film all your tournaments. It's better to have too much film than too little.

  • Communicate with us your desire to play in college. The club is a great resource.

  • Schedule a recruiting meeting with Lucas.

  • Communication is very important.

Communication Tips

  • Call and email coaches.

  • Coaches cannot call you back, so keep trying.

  • Be consistent, but not overwhelming.

  • Talking on the phone is best, set up phone calls.

  • Include how they can get ahold of you by giving your coach's or club's contact info.

  • Include when you will call back.

  • Prepare questions and talking points.

Simple Email Template, Things to Include:

  • Informative subject line: purpose, name, year.

  • Include important information in body of email.

  • School, club, year, academics.

  • Tournament schedule and times to see you play.

  • Inquire about camps or clinics they host, chances for you to get on campus.

  • Club coach or director contact info.

  • When you are going to call them.

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