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Summer Camps

August After School Flex 

Focused, fun camps aimed to teach the game of beach volleyball.

Click Here To Register For August Flex Beginner! 

Schedule: Register Here! 
  • Week 2: August 14, 16

  • Week 3: August 21, 23

  • Week 4: August 28, 30

Days, Time and Location
  • Days: Monday, Wednesday

  • Location: Main Beach, Santa Cruz (courts between wharf and boardwalk)

  • Time: 4-6pm


August Flex Beginner is dedicated to introducing and improving the fundamental skills of beach volleyball. Players will receive individual attention working with our experienced and dedicated beach volleyball coaches in groups of 6-9 players. Our coaches will use these small groups of like skilled players to create specific drills designed to their existing experience and skill level. Our excellent player to coach ratio sets us apart from other camps, and provides players with a great opportunity to work closely with coaches. This program is fun and informative! No tryout, no cuts!


The Beginner level is designed for young, and beginning players. Our camps typically have true beginners (players who have very little to no experience), and players with 0-1 years of experience who have some existing volleyball skill and are still younger and/or smaller.


Highly qualified coaches with experience teaching and playing beach volleyball. All our coaches are passionate about teaching beach volleyball, many have either coached or played at the collegiate level. We also have coaches who are current NCAA and CCCAA college athletes.


Practices are designed to be FUN! We aim to improve players fundamental technique AND ability to play the game. We understand the importance and effectiveness of having fun and playing, so we design our practices to utilize those things. Practice structure stays fairly consistent and follows this general model:


Warm Up: Footwork and movement, conditioning, ball control, fun games.

Ball Control: Setting, passing, arm swing, general ball handling.

Skills & Technique: Applied ball control, blocking, pulling, defense, offense, serving.

Playing: Games applying skills and techniques focused on above.



Space limited for each session. We will accept registrations until each session is full. We encourage players to do more than one week to get the most from the coaches and camp experience! 

Refund Policy

  • Non refundable, exception- full refund if cancellation request is received greater than 14 days before camp start date. 


  • 1-2 weeks: $80/week

  • 3-4 weeks: $70/week

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