Fall Program

Focused, high level small group training.

Train with the best!

Fall Season Info Sheet- Click Here!

Same information as below, but in a google doc!

The Fall Program is set up to continue the same high level of training we provided during the summer using a similar COVID protocol to provide a safe environment  for our coaches, players and community.

Program Directors

Kelsee Montagna 

Chicory Roth

Email: contact@scbeachvolleyball.com


Fall Season Acknowledgments

We acknowledge the level of uncertainty around the coming school year and COVID-19. We will be ready to make adjustments to the program as needed to accommodate school and any other need that may come up. With the various models of school going around, our practice schedules may change to make use of other free time the students may have. 


High school players, there seems to be a very likely chance that your season will be moved or cancelled. Until we know for sure, we recommend you fill out the form and create a group for the Fall, and be ready if your season is moved or cancelled.


Season Highlights


  • High level, focused small group training.

  • Maximum six players per court.

  • One to six coach to player ratio.

  • Train with an experienced and professional coaching staff specialized in beach volleyball.

  • Established and tested COVID protocol used during summer season already in place.

  • Returning players will be placed in groups based on information from summer and feedback from the grouping form. Players and families new to the club and/or who did not participate in summer will create groups of 4-12 players.


Season Details

  • Start Date: 8/17

  • Season Duration: 8 weeks

  • Practices per week: 2

  • Total practices: 16

  • Total practice hours: 32

  • Schedule: M-W or T-Th

  • Practice Time: 4-6pm

  • Practice Locations: 4th Ave, Main, Harbor or Dream Inn

  • Players per court (max): 6

  • Players per coach (max): 6

  • Maximum group size: 12

  • Head Coaches: Kael Losik, Chicory Roth, Kelsee Montagna, Madison Dueck, Matt Schutz.

  • Cost 6 players per court/coach: $575

  • Cost 4 players per court/coach: $850

  • Season cannot be prorated. Players must join for the complete eight-week season.

Group Making- How To Sign Up


Fill out Fall Grouping and Player Questionnaire to be considered for a spot in the program.


We will use a process similar to summer to create groups. We are not planning to hold tryouts for this program. Players and families will help create their own groups, which the club will then use to create the final groups. Returning players will be placed in groups based on information from summer and feedback from the grouping form. Players and families new to the club and/or who did not participate in summer will create groups of 4-12 players. Players new to the club and/or having trouble making a group, we will assist in creating groups for you.

For players new to the club and without a group, we will hold 12 person single day training camps leading up to the season to assist in group making. The dates of those are flexible and have not been set.

Every player interested in participating in the season must complete the Fall Grouping and Player Questionnaire.

More About The Training Group Program


Training Groups (Junior High and High School)


We established the first Training Groups program in the Bay Area summer of 2013. Since then, we've continued to innovate and excel at providing the best training to our athletes using this model. Our Training Groups program has produced more NCAA DI beach volleyball athletes than any other program in northern California.


Training Groups are the equivalent to a beach "team". In creating training groups, we are assembling groups of similarly skilled and like minded players to train together. Often times, Training Groups represent a higher level of play and experience, but can also be offered at beginning skill levels.


Training Groups provide a platform and environment for advanced skill and game play development. Players and coaches are able to work closely with one another to develop, plan, and achieve goals. All aspects of beach volleyball are addressed by the coaches, and we go beyond teaching just the skills. Given beach volleyball is a player driven sport- during gameplay coaches often have little input, players must find and retain partners, players self manage their schedules and tournaments- we prepare our athletes to be self sufficient and confident in their abilities as a player, manager and communicator.


A huge aspect of the success of our training group program is our coaching staff. The training group program has the best beach volleyball coaches available in the area, and players get the opportunity to work closely with them in a focused and fun environment.

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