Specialized program for players grades 4-6

Youth Development Program

Our Youth Program is a specialized program for grades 4-6. The purpose of the program is to introduce the sport of volleyball to new players, and to begin to teach the basics in a fun environment. This program implements special balls and equipment designed for players of this age group. The main program goals are for players to learn to serve, pass, set, spike, read the play, and move to the ball. General coordination and athleticism will also be trained. The purpose of this program at the club level is to get players ready for the more advanced skills and situations found in our middle school programs.


This is a no cut program, all players are welcome to join. Sessions do have limited space, so registering early is a good idea.

How does the club work?

We aim to keep our organization and programs as simple as possible, so we can focus on and emphasize the important stuff— teaching and learning. We offer three main programs for youth- Training Groups, Club Training, and our Youth Program. Adults training is done through classes, clinics and club training.

What is our Development Pathway for youth athletes?

Our Development Pathway is the progression of programs we implement as a club to teach youth athletes the sport of beach volleyball. Our pathway is designed to provide players with a life long learning experience that has led to NCAA and professional competition. It is split into three distinct time periods: Elementary School (grades 2-6) First introductions to the game though our Youth Club Training. During this time period we recommend playing as many sports as possible, non organized play, and not specializing in any one specific sport yet. Middle School (grades 6-8) Players move on to our more advanced Fundamental and Club Training, and the Training Groups Program. We recommend continuing to play many sports, non organized play, and to begin to narrow down the sports you are competing at in an organized way to 2-3. High School (grades 9-12) Players continue to participate in Club Training and Training Groups. During this time we find it beneficial for players to specialize more, and fully focus on 1-2 sports for competitive training and competition. However, we always encourage players to maintain other sports and activities as hobbies during this time, and to continue to participate in non organized play and activities that are not the sports they are competing at.