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Beach Club

The Beach Club

June 8 - July 31
A flexible 8 weeks of instruction and competition

***Due to COVID-19, we will not be running The Beach Club in 2020 to ensure the safety of our atheltes and families. Please look at our small group training options for Fall Training. We are following State and Federal guidelines for providing a safe environment.

Summer Season Info Sheet- Click Here!

This info sheet has a lot of the information for the season. Please read the info sheet and the website below to get a full understanding of the program.

Space is limited. We will begin to register players during Spring Training and Summer Tryouts. 



  • Space is limited. We will begin to register players during Spring Training and Summer Tryouts. 

  • Sign up for the entire summer, or just for specific weeks.

  • Practice 3x per week. M-T-Th.

  • Flexible program that allows you to sign up by the week.

  • Wednesday CBVA  tournament coaching included each week.

  • Train in a fun and dynamic environment with our experienced coaching staff.

  • Every practice is lead by one of our elite coaches who will design, instruct and implement a customized practice plan based on the needs of the players.

  • Interested players should attend Spring Training and Summer Tryouts.

  • Two separate programs: Main Beach, Santa Cruz or West Valley

  • Cost:
    • 2-3 weeks: SC $150/week, WV $170/week

    • 4-5 weeks: SC $135/week, WV $155/week

    • 6-8 weeks: SC $120/week, WV $140/week

Registration: Space is limited in the program and requires players to tryout. Interested players should attend our Spring Training and Summer Tryouts. We will begin to take registrations and fill the program through these training sessions. 

Training Format: Modified training group format. This structure is more fluid and dynamic than a strict 8 person group. We will group 6-8 players per court. Each court will have a head coach. Coaches will have the flexibility to combine courts and groups, break off, do rotation/jigsaw style instruction, competitive work up, mix players and ultimately design training specific to the needs of all players. We really like this format. It allows coaches and players the opportunity to maximize the training experience!

Coaching Staff: The coaching staff for this program is dynamic. Each session is designed and lead by a highly qualified Lead Coach, who manages, directs and coaches the whole session. Court coaches include: club alumni, current and former college players, current professional players, and long time local coaches and players. We make sure to provide players with a range of top quality coaches so players can gain the most by hearing a variety of ways to teach and play the game! 

General Tournament Information: As a club, we do not pair up teams, or register them for tournaments. We encourage all our players to compete in the Wednesday CBVA events at Main Beach. The registration process for the events is unique. The tournament registration opens a month and a day in advance. These events fill up quick, so best to plan ahead and sign up as they are available.

June Tournament Registration: Given the registration for June events opens before we start practicing, and you need a partner to register, we recommend you either arrange partners from players you already know in the group, or we can help arrange to have all the players sign up initially with someone, then we can always switch partners once they have the spot.

Socal Travel: There are a huge number of events in socal, and you can almost play a tournament every day in July. July is the big month, where teams from all over the nation converge on the South Bay (Hermosa/Manhattan Beach) for AAU Nationals and BVCA.

Absences: In providing a summer program, we understand that players will inevitably miss practices. We strongly encourage and would like each player to make every practice, but understand that is not always possible, so we are flexible.

Clothing: We ask that training group players represent the club at tournaments by wearing club clothing. T-Shirt and hoody included in the program. Additional clothing can be purchased.

Preseason Practices: We highly recommend you participate in our spring training camps and sessions. These will help you prepare for the season in many ways! Meet players, arrange partners for tournaments, work on your skills, and get to know the coaches!

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